The winter months can be particularly hard on our bodies. Our skin dries out, our joints get stiff, and limited daylight can affect our motivation. Hand in Health, Syracuse, NY’s premier massage therapy clinic, is here with all the information you need to keep your body and mind in tip-top shape through this cold winter.

If you are in the Syracuse, NY area and looking for a professional team of massage therapists to help you through the winter, contact Hand in Health today!

Ease Aches & Pains

The winter’s cold weather brings joint stiffness and aches that you may not experience during the hotter months. If you live in an area with a lot of snow, the winter also means shoveling, scraping, and other activities that we don’t have to deal with for the rest of the year, which means our bodies aren’t used to them. Performing these activities without properly preparing our bodies can cause torn muscles, slips, and falls.

Massages are a perfect way to ease that pain. They loosen up joints and work out muscle knots, leaving you limber and ready for action. Keeping up with your fitness and wellness is also a huge plus, as keeping your body strong is a great way to prevent these pains and aches altogether!

Reduce Dry Skin

We’ve all experienced dry skin in the winter. The cold zaps moisture from our bodies and can cause cracks and tears in the skin. Massages also promote your skin collagen production, which is responsible for keeping your skin moisturized and elastic.

Improve Your Mental health

It’s no secret that massages are a wonderfully relaxing and mindful experience. With winter bringing about statistically lower moods across the country, there really could not be a better time to prioritize yourself and block off some time to spend on a massage table. Keeping up with your exercise and wellness are also sure-fire ways to fight against depression and SAD in the winter.

Boost Your Immune System

Are you worried about getting sick this winter? Did you know that getting a massage is a great, natural way to boost your immune system? Massages help to heal damage to the nervous system, which, in turn, increases your flow of white blood cells, keeping your immune system strong during the worst time for disease transfer.

Improve Circulation

Do you ever feel like you get colder than everyone else? This may be due to poor circulation! Luckily, massages and continued fitness are great for keeping that blood pumping! On top of keeping you warm, good circulation is excellent for your muscles and can prevent things like contractions, cramps, and tears.

Aid in Weight Loss

Most of us tend to gain a little weight in the winter. Between the stress of the holidays and cold weather, it can be difficult not to revert to your favorite comfort foods between the holidays and cold weather. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could supplement weight loss with a fun, restful, and relaxing activity? Luckily, regular massage therapy can help to boost your metabolism through improved circulation. Because massages get your blood flowing properly, all of the nutrients you intake throughout the day can be maintained and absorbed at a higher level by your body’s systems.

Keeping your fitness level up will also help you with weight loss. There are so many options for every fitness level and type of workout. Hand in Health offers trainers and classes at their fitness center, and you can check them out with a no-cost fitness consultation!

What More Could You Want?

Massages are a great way to treat yourself, relax, and reflect. When the cold weather hits and you are looking for ways to give your mental and physical health a quick boost, massage therapy, and continued fitness and wellness could not be a better option. Keep away those aches and pains, SAD, dry skin, and more at bay with regular massage appointments with your local massage therapist, and have the best winter ever!

If you are in the Syracuse, NY area and looking for your local massage therapists or fitness center, contact Hand in Health today, and we will build a plan that is right for your body and lifestyle.