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Hand In Health Massage Therapy is now open in downtown Syracuse, NY! Our new facility is located in the State Tower Building at 109 South Warren St on the 3rd Floor. Our facility features therapeutic massage treatments, one-on-one yoga/personal training appointments, and a variety of wellness services. Our Acupuncturist also provides treatments at this location.

We offer corporate wellness services, massages, and acupuncture at this new location! We look forward to meeting you.

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What Are Folks Saying About Hand In Health?

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“Kyle and the team at Hand In Health are the best: professional, amiable, and excellent at their practice. You feel heard, and they want to help you feel better ﹣ physically, athletically, mentally. Absolutely book with Hand In Health Massage Therapy and do so today ﹣ you will thank yourself!

Going to Hand In Health is like seeing longtime good friends, and friends who make you feel so much better.”

﹣ Richard N.

“I have now used Hand In Health approximately five times with two different therapists. Each time has been amazing. The atmosphere is calming and the techs are great.”

﹣ Mike T.

“Outstanding therapeutic care! I have extensive nerve pain and it’s the only way I’ve been able to function normally. The individual service is amazing and the level of professionalism from the multiple therapists is wonderful. I highly recommend the reflexology upgrade with your massage.”

﹣ Lisa S.

“I have worked with Kyle for almost two years. As a massage therapist and a personal trainer, Kyle is kind, trustworthy, and very professional. I feel he runs his business with those same qualities. As a massage therapist, he always finds the points that need working on. As a personal trainer, he challenges me but with something within my reach, or adapts a little so I feel success.”

﹣ JoAnne K.

“I cannot say enough great things about Hand In Health Massage Therapy! Whether it be for self care, improving your physical and mental health, getting help with chronic pain, migraines, and improving sleep, they have you covered. I have been a long time client and continue to refer my family and friends, because these dedicated and extremely educated massage therapists have truly made a positive impact in all areas of my health and life! Their locations are so welcoming, clean, safe, and beautifully decorated, too. I am so grateful for this amazing local business and wish I could give them more than 5 stars!”

﹣ Carrie G.

“Hand In Health Massage Therapy is an essential investment to my health! I am a monthly membership member and it is essential to my chronic pain management. The care is beyond professional and personal to your needs! Kyle is absolutely amazing and only employs therapists that provide the same level of service. I am so grateful for the variety of services provided. I would highly recommend any of the therapists. I am so looking forward to my appointment today with one of the newer therapists at the downtown location.”

﹣ Lisa S.

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