Empower your body. Feel the difference.

Yoga Series: “I Need To Do More Yoga”

Thursday Evenings and Sunday Morning in North Syracuse

Yoga near me in North Syracuse, NY | Hand in Health Massage Therapy

8 Week Yoga Series

Need more Yoga in your life? We have a new program designed to get you back in to a Yoga practice or get started for the first time! Each week has its own theme or targeted body area you may need help with. Drop in for 1 class, take a few, or the whole series! 


Empower your body. Feel the difference.

Physical activity and fitness have the power to transform your life and help you manage pain, feel, and live better.

At Hand In Health Massage Therapy, we take a proactive approach to your overall health by offering gym services, fitness classes, martial arts, yoga, and professional fitness instruction. No matter your fitness goals, let us provide you with a hand to improve wellness, and so much more.

If you’re looking for one-on-one instruction with our trainers, get in touch with us today. We are located in downtown Syracuse and North Syracuse, NY, and work with athletes and active individuals throughout Onondaga County and Central New York.

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Fitness Services

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, train for a sport, manage pain, or take better care of your body, we’ll help you discover your personal strengths and potential through the power of fitness.

No-Charge Health & Fitness Consultation

During the consultation, we will ask you questions about your fitness and health goals, activity level, medical history, eating habits, and lifestyle. We’ll also take accurate measurements such as your weight and body fat composition to establish a baseline. With your body measurements and desired results in mind, we are able to create your unique Wellness Profile, as well as a customized plan to help you achieve your goals.

Personal Training

When you have a fitness goal, our trainers can help you achieve the best results. Our fitness instruction services are personalized to your unique needs. Your fitness program will be designed to focus on any aspect that you feel needs special attention, including motivation, variety, exercise modification, or meeting specific training goals, such as strength or fat loss. With our combined experience in the areas of wellness and massage therapy, we can help you overcome pain and challenges while improving your physical and mental health.

Yoga Classes in North Syracuse

Join us for Yoga on Thursday evenings at 5:30p and Sunday mornings at 10am in North Syracuse! Come learn, play, and maybe even break a sweat in a supportive environment. You don’t need to be able to touch your toes; you just have to be willing to try. BOOK NOW!

Private Yoga Instruction

Yoga can improve your flexibility, muscle tone, better protect you against injuries, and help you relieve tension and pain. From beginner’s Yoga to advanced, we offer one-on-one instruction for all levels and individuals. BOOK A ONE-ON-ONE SESSION NOW

Sports Training

Motivated, results-driven sports training ﹣ that’s what you’ll experience at Hands In Health. No matter the sport or event, we can help you become stronger, perform better, prevent injuries, and better manage muscle soreness and pain. Our trainers have experience working with individuals of all backgrounds, including runners, bodybuilders, sports teams, triathlon athletes, and more.


Mental focus is as much a part of wellness as actual physical fitness. Through the power of Ninjutsu martial arts, you can focus better in all areas of your life. Ninjutsu will help you develop physical skill, mental clarity, self-defense, relieve pain, and achieve an improved outlook on life.
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