Planning your next date? Looking for something new to try with your significant other?

After the umpteenth time of going out to eat or staying in to watch movies, your relationship may need something a little more invigorating.

Why not try a couples massage?

While there are all different types of massages, a couples massage is especially powerful and beneficial to a relationship.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Hand In Health is here to discuss the benefits of a couples massage to help you and your significant other feel good and share the ultimate bonding experience.

Let’s get started!

Experience Something New

If you’ve both never experienced a couples massage, it’s time to break away from traditional date night and dive a little into the unknown.

Treat this as an opportunity for you and your significant other to explore your comfort zones and establish more trust and security in the relationship. Not to mention, you both can create a memory you’ll look back on fondly.

And who knows ‒ getting couples massages may become your new favorite activity to do together!

Ease Tension & Raise Your Affections

It’s no secret that massages ease bodily tension and stress, but did you know that they also raise oxytocin levels naturally?

Otherwise known as the “love hormone” or “cuddle chemical”, oxytocin eases stress, promotes bonding, and can improve relationships. So while you undergo your couples massage, you and your significant other can ease your physical stress and experience newfound affection.

Bond & Reconnect

Between your busy schedules, it may be difficult for you and your partner to spend quality time together. Even if you have the time, you may find yourself constantly preoccupied with work, emails, kids, and other goings-on.

If you and your partner have been feeling disconnected lately, a couples massage is a great way to bond and heal the connection. This is an opportunity to unplug from your phones, leave work, family, and other obligations outside the door, and be present together in a calm and soothing environment.

Focus on Your Health & Wellness

There’s nothing wrong with approaching a couples massage as an opportunity to treat yourself. Take this time to hone in on your physical and mental health. After all, when we’re our healthiest, happiest, and strongest, our relationships tend to be healthier, happier, and stronger.

While you and your partner will sit side by side in a room, you’ll each have your own massage therapist who will personalize a massage that’s specific to your body.

For example, if your significant other has been experiencing stress in the shoulders or soreness in their lower back, their massage therapist may focus on those areas, while yours will attend to your unique needs and problem areas.

Afterward, you and your partner can discuss how the experience went. Open up about how you’re feeling on an individual level after the massage. This is a great opportunity to communicate with your partner and even discuss areas of your life that have caused you to manifest stress physically and emotionally in your body.

Experience a Couples Massage with Your Loved One

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, date night, an anniversary, or just because, get ready to experience the benefits of a couples massage with your significant other!

Hand In Health in Syracuse and North Syracuse, NY, is offering a Valentine’s Day special on our couples massages. Book an appointment today!